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17.6 Suggesting or Sponsoring a Contest

If you have a suggestion on what the theme of the next Fotki Contest could be, send it to Fotki. The most interesting ideas will be incorporated.

If you want to offer a reward to the next contest's winner(s), contact Fotki and request sponsorship.

To suggest a contest:

  1. Make sure you are logged in and go to the "Customer Service Center" page to submit a new inquiry.
  2. Fill out a "New Inquiry" form:
    • In the "Inquiry Type:" field, choose "Photo Contests".
    • Type "suggestion" into the "Title:" field.
    • In the "Description:" text area, specify a title and description for the contest you are suggesting, as well as the way you want it to appear in our contest list.
      To process your suggestion without delays, we ask you to always write a description to the contests you suggest, even if it is only one sentence.
  3. Submit your inquiry.

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