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11.1 Checking Email

When logged in, you see an "Email" link in the initial line on the top right of any of your Fotki pages. If there are any new messages in your Inbox, the above link will be followed by a reminder informing you about the number of unread messages.

To check your Fotki email, go to your "Email" page. You will get into your "Inbox" folder displaying a list of the messages received. Those unread are nighlighted and their return addresses and titles are written in bold letters.

If a new message comes in while you are viewing your Inbox, it will not be displayed until the page is reloaded. To check if you have any new messages, click "Check Mail" in the Email Menu.

Written on 2003-08-28 17:53:39 and updated on 2005-03-04 07:34:32.