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11.4.1 Choosing Recipient from Address Book

To copy a recipient's address from your address book directly to your address field when writing a message:

  1. In the "Compose New Message" form, click on "To:", "Cc:" or cc:" link next to the address fields.
  2. In the newly open window, by clicking in the corresponding checkbox select the type of address field to paste the address into.
    • You can copy + paste all the addresses from your address book into "To:", "Cc:" or "Bcc:" field by clicking on the "Add all to To:", "Add all to Cc:" or "Add all to Bcc:" button. You can clear your "To:", "Cc:" or "Bcc:" field by clicking on the "Clear To:", "Clear Cc:" or "Clear Bcc:" button. All of them are located under the address list.
    • In case your address book contains a significant number of entries, you can search for one you need by typing the name into the "Search" field on the top of the window and pressing the "Search" button. Navigating the address book by clicking on any letter in the string below the "Search" field is possible, too.
  3. After all selections are made, click the pink "Click here when done" button to go back to your message.
  4. Proceed with composing your message as usual.

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