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12.2 Viewing Your Address Book

To view your address-book entries (contacts), make sure you are logged in and go to the "Address Book" page.

Each entry displayed in the contact list includes:

  • person's name
  • name of the company he/she works for
  • business and home phone numbers
  • email address

To view complete information on a person, click on his/her name in the "Name" column and you will get to the "View Contact" screen.

To go back to the entry list, click "Return" on the page bottom or "Browse Contacts" in the Address Book Menu.

In case your address book contains numerous entries, viewing them by index is easier than scrolling up and down the list.

There is an index string (a list of letters given in the alphabetic order) on the top of your address-book contact list. By clicking on a hyperlinked letter, you open the list of all the people, whose last names start with that letter. To view the complete list of contacts, click "All" in the beginning of the alphabet string.

Also, searching for a contact may be faster than scrolling up and down the full contact list. To search for a contact, type a name, a piece of a name or even one letter into the "Search" field above the index string and click the "Search" button. All the entries containing the specified string will be displayed.

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