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12.3 Importing a Contact

If you have an address-book file exported from your email application or from another mail server and saved on your computer, you can upload it to Fotki Address Book to further use this information.

To do it:

  1. Make sure you are logged in and go to the "Address Book" page.
  2. In the Address Book Menu, click "Import".
  3. Specify the location of your address-book file in the field provided or click "Browse" to navigate the contents of your computer. Find the file needed (it should be of *.csv type), click on its name and then click "Open" (or doubleclick on the filename).
  4. Click "Continue" to import the file selected to Fotki.

If you want to import an address-book file to use it on Fotki, first export it from your current email application and save on your computer as an *.csv file.

For export details, see the help file on the site hosting your existing address book or in your current email application, since each email client has a different interface.

Written on 2003-09-02 13:33:40 and updated on 2005-03-16 08:28:08.