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12.4 Exporting a Contact

You can use your Fotki address book on another website or in another email browser. For that purpose, you have to export it:

  1. Make sure you are logged in and go to your "Address Book".
  2. You will get to the "Browse Contacts" screen with the list of your address-book contacts. Click "Export" in the Address Book Menu.
  3. Specify the list separator for your country. A list separator is a symbol which separates entries in a list. Most commonly, it is comma (",") or semicolon (";"). For USA, "," is recommended, other countries may also use ";". Click "Continue".
  4. A browser window will prompt you to specify a name for your file. Navigate the contents of your computer to select the location of your address-book file and specify a name for it. Click "Save" when done. The saved address-book file will be of *.csv type.
  5. Click "Cancel" to go back to your Fotki Address Book.
  6. To import the saved file to another website or email application, go to that site and proceed with import as directed in that site's help file.

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