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21.3 Why I See Pop-Up Ads on Fotki Pages?

Fotki does not use pop-up or any other ads or banners. If you see a pop-up ad on your screen while using Fotki, the possible reasons for it may be as follows:

  • You have recently visited a website that uses pop-ups. Sometimes they are triggered when you leave such site.
  • You may have on your computer some free music-sharing software (like BearShare, Audiogalaxy, etc.) that is popping up windows. Be careful, such "free" software can also spy on you and upload its findings back to their headquarters (after all, they have to make some money, too). The information collected may include the URLs you visit and the emails from your address books.

To prevent the appearing of pop-ups on your computer, we recommend using a web browser having a built-in pop-up blocking function, namely, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera or newer versions of Netscape.

If you strongly feel that pop-up ads are unfair, intrusive or in any other way annoying, you may choose to report a complaint. To see where a pop-up came from, click on it with the right mouse-button and then choose "Properties" from the menu.

Written on 2003-09-29 16:23:45 and updated on 2005-10-18 12:04:13.