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6.1 Forgot Your Password?

To recover access to your Fotki account use the "Forgot your password or username?" form on the Login screen.

To recover a password:

  1. Go to the Login screen at http://login.fotki.com and click the "password" link in the "Forgot your password or username?" line or go to http://login.fotki.com/forgot_password/.
  2. In both cases you get to the first Access-Recovery screen. Type your Fotki username in the "UserName:" field and click the "Request Recovery Link" button.
  3. By your username, Fotki will instantly find your email address and send the recovery link to it. The appearing Confirmation screen will state that the email message with further instructions is on its way. Please, allow your email server some time to receive it.
  4. In your email box open the "Fotki.com access recovery" message containing your access-recovery link http://login.fotki.com/confirm/SomeCode/. Click it to complete the process of recovering your password.
    As the recovery link expires four days after receiving, please, visit it as soon as you can.
  5. By clicking the recovery link you get to the Creating New Password screen. Type your new password in the "New Password:" field, retype it in the "Confirm New Password:" field and click the "Submit" button when done. Please, make sure you remember your new password or write it down to avoid going through this procedure in the future.
  6. If all was done right, you get to the screen informing you that your password was successfully changed and inviting you to log in using your new password.

If the email address associated with your username is wrong or no longer exists, our message cannot go through. In this case, contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" link on the Confirmation screen. Fixing this problem may take a while, and that is why we ask you to give us your valid email address when signing up.

Written on 2004-08-11 06:52:47 and updated on 2005-03-14 09:19:57.