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7.2.1 Creating an Album

To create an album:

  1. When logged in, open a folder you want to place your album to (later on you will be able to move this album into any other folder).
  2. Click "Create New Album" in the Folder Menu on the left of your screen.
  3. On the "Creating New Album" page, type your album's title in the "Title" field.
  4. Press the "Create album" button beneath the form.

You can start uploading photos to your new album right after that.

Basically, an album is created just after you have only entitled it. Album's name in URL will be generated automatically, and most of the advanced properties will be set by default, i.e. as they are defined in the "Albums" subsection of the "Settings" section on your "My Account" page.

Also, you can set all of the album's properties, in the "Common Properties", "Advanced Properties" and "Photo-Session Location" subsections.

After your album is created, you will be able to modify its current settings at any time.

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