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7.2.3 Renaming an Album and Changing Its Properties

To rename an album or to change its properties, use the "Album Properties" form, which is reachable by two ways.

  1. In the Folder Tree to the left of the viewing window, find the album, whose name or properties you want to change, and open the folder this album belongs to to see its contents in the album-thumbnail view. Find the thumbnail of the album of interest and click "edit properties" in the line beneath it. (If the Folder Tree is not seen, make it visible by clicking on the narrow vertical bar to the left of the viewing window.)

  2. Click first the album icon in the Folder Tree and next "Album Properties" in the Album Menu of the Member Panel.

In both cases you will get to the "Album Properties" form. Make the changes you want and save changes.

In the first section of the form you can change album name, date the album was taken, its description, URL name and password.

In the "Advanced Properties" section you can additionally change long description, keywords, copyright message, icon appearance, photo comments and folder-tree settings, photo view style, number and layout of thumbnails on a page, and downloading, printing and camera model settings.

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