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Title. Give your album a title that can be a clue to its contents. Title length is limited, a too long one will be cut off.

Date taken is format-neutral. Just select date items from the "Month", "Day" and "Year" drop-down menus.

Description. It's a short summary of album's contents. Description can be of any lenght. If it exceeds 200 signs or 3 lines, the rest will be invisible in the standard header. To view the entire description, click "... more" under the cut-off one.

Name in URL. If not specified, an album's URL name will be practically the same as its title. So, if a public album's name is, say, "Vacation 2005", its URL address will be: http://public.fotki.com/UserName/.../vacation2005.

Access password. An empty field means NO password. Password-protect your album if you want it to be viewed only by your friends and relatives, send the album's URL address and password to those persons and the album will be only accessible to them.

Email/MMS address for uploading. Create an email/MMS address for your album so that to be able to upload photos through email and from a mobile phone. An address will look like this: YourUserName+AnyLettersAndFigures@fotki.com. The dot "." can be used as an alternative to plus sign "+" when sending your photos from a mobile phone.

Mark as "containing objectionable/edgy content" checkbox. While Fotki supports freedom of speech and artistic expression, it also supports the right of anyone to be free from objectionable content. Therefore, we expressly ask you to use your best judgment and to properly mark your albums. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. It is commonly beneficial to keep Fotki a place of clean and nice fun. Also, if you a proprietor of "edgy" content, you may benefit from it due to attracting the like-minded individuals who may be searching for it.

Later on you will be able to modify current album settings at any time.

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