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7.2.5 Sorting/Rearranging Albums in a Folder

Normally, albums are added to a folder in the order you created them, but you can rearrange (sort) the albums by update date, date the photos were taken or by name (alphabetically) at any time.

When rearranging albums, it is possible to specify their ascending/descending order. For example, ascending-order arrangement by date moves older albums to the top and newer ones to the bottom of the list; ascending-order arrangement by name puts albums, whose names start with "A", on the top and those, whose name statrs with "Z", on the bottom. Also, rearranging can be done manually.

To rearrange albums in a folder:

  1. In the Folder Tree left to the viewing window, find the albums to be sorted and open the folder or subfolder containing them. (If the Folder Tree is not seen, make it visible by clicking on the narrow vertical bar to the left of the viewing window.)
  2. After the albums are displayed in the album-thumbnail view, click "Rearrange Albums" in the Folder Menu of the Member Panel.
  3. Select the way of rearranging the albums from the dropdown list of the "Sort Albums in Folder:" field and specify the order of their displaying. To sort the albums manually, select "Manual".
  4. On the confirmation screen, choose "OK" to sort the albums or "Cancel" to go back to the viewing window. Unless you chose manual rearrangement, your albums are now rearranged.

In case you selected manual rearrangement, you get a to the "Sorting Albums in Folder Manually" screen with the list of your albums' thumbnails and "new position:" field to the right of each thumbnail. Specify a position number for each album and click "Rearrange".

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