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7.5.2 Choosing Upload Method

Fotki suggests a variety of uploading methods:

  • Java Applet is extremely convenient and allows uploading multiple files. It was specifically designed by Fotki programming team to simplify the upload process as much as possible; Java Applet supports firewalls, proxies and does not require any computer proficiency.
    Java Applet works in any environment: Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux or Solaris.
    Important! To run Java Applet, you need to have Java installed on your computer. To download the latest version (it is free), go to www.java.com.
  • Fotki Easy uploader.The shortest way to upload photos to your albums. Upload in just two clicks.
  • Fotki Desktop. If you're using Windows, Fotki Desktop is the best choice for easy mass-uploading to your Fotki albums. Install it once and upload photos directly from your picture folders anytime without visiting your Fotki page. Just right-click on any folder and choose "Upload to Fotki" in your Windows File Explorer. Or select individual files in Windows File Explorer and choose "Send to" > and then > "Fotki", and your upload will start immediately.
  • Windows XP Publishing Wizard is meant for Windows XP users and needs the FotkiXP application to be installed. Download it from here: Fotki Downloads.
  • PictureSync. Perfect for Mac users. Requires OS X 10.3+, and optionally iPhoto 4+ or iView MediaPro 2.6+. You can download it from PictureSync site.
  • Fotki Upload Bookmarklet Fetcher is for quick and easy fetching images from the web directly to Fotki albums.
    Important! Fotki Upload Bookmarklet Fetcher works with Mozilla, Firefox and Opera browsers. Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported yet.
  • Fotki Mobile - for your Android powered phone.Digital photo organizer to upload photos to Fotki preserving image descriptions and tags, optimize picture size and fully automate the uploading process. Proceed with your Android phone to the following link to download it - Fotki Mobile.
  • Fetching from Another Internet Site. To upload an image from another internet site, you don't need to first download it to your computer. If you know the URL address of a picture, you can send it directly to Fotki.
  • Any FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client (for Premium members only). It is a fast, easy and reliable way to move files from one location to another. FTP is also useful when uploading files from local computer to Fotki. Server address: ftp.fotki.com. For Windows, we recommend to download a free SmartFTP, and for Macintosh a 15-day free trial of Fetch FTP client.
    Important! Internet Explorer FTP mode is not supported.
  • Uploading photos via e-mail or from mobile phone. TThis uploading method is mainly meant for sending photos to Fotki website from mobile phones, including any model and operating system (iPhone, Android, Symbian, etc.), for as long as it supports emailing photos. Just create a unique email address for an album, and you are ready to email photos right into it. To do that, go into any album on Fotki and click on Album Properties, then add a word (probably relevant to that album title) in the field "Email/MMS address for uploading:" - that word will follow your user name on Fotki. For example, if your album is called "Cooking with my sister" and your user name is "Garry", then you may put: "cooksis" (without "") in that field, so, the resulting album email will be . Any photos you (or your friends who know that address) will email to that address will end up in that album.
  • CompuPic is an easy-to-use, fast and powerful digital content manager for uploading and managing any number of photos. Its free trial is available at Photodex website.
  • Spb Imageer for Pocket PC Devices is a very powerful imaging engine designed specifically to streamline common processes that Pocket PC users perform with digital photos. Wizard will help you to post photos to your Fotki albums. Its free trial is available at www.spbsoftwarehouse.com. See a sample album published on Fotki using Spb Imageer here.
  • Eye-Fi - upload photos to Fotki wirelessly with an Eye-Fi Card. You can buy that card on Amazon.com or Buy.com.
  • Uploading One Photo at a Time. This method works for any computer, operating system, browser, and is your best solution when all you need is just to upload an image or two.

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