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7.5.12 One at a Time

It is the simplest and most reliable method. Using it gets tiresome if you have a significant number of photos to upload, but if all other methods fail, you will never go wrong with this one.

To upload one photo at a time:

  1. At the "Add/Upload Photos" screen, choose "One Photo at a Time".
  2. In the "Add New Photo Using Browser" form, specify the location of the photo to be uploadedand and quilify it:
    • To find the photo in your computer, click "Browse..." .
    • Click the photo and then click "Open" or just double-click the photo.
    • Qualify the photo: type its title, description, tags and a copyright message into the fields provided.
  3. Choose "Upload and add another photo" if you want to upload more photos, otherwise choose "Upload and return to album".
  4. If you have chosen uploading and adding another photo, the form will clear so you can continue adding photos. Otherwise, the content of the current album with the new photo added will be displayed.

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