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7.5.4 Java Applet

Perfect for batch upload.

To add photos to an album using this method:

  1. At the "Add/Upload Photos" screen, choose "Java Applet". If Java is installed on your computer, "Java Applet" starts.
  2. On the Java Applet screen, choose the photos to be uploaded.
    • Find the folder containing the photos in the "Folders" window, and open it to display its content in the "Folder Content" window.
    • In the "Folder Content" window, once click on a filename of any photo to see its preview in the "Preview" window.
    • To add this photo to the Upload List, click "Add to upload list" or double-click the photo's filename in the "Folder Content" window.
  3. To remove any photo from the upload list, click on the "x" (remove) icon in the "Action" section of of this photo's information line.
  4. When your upload list is complete, click "Start Upload" on the top of the upload list and "Yes" in the confirmation window to start uploading.
  5. You will get to the "Upload in Progress..." screen. Be patient: the process of uploading may take some time depending on the number of photos being uploaded.
  6. When upload is complete, you will see a small confirmation window with a notification message. To return to the current album, click "OK". You will see your new photos in the album view.

The properties of the photos to be uppload are specified in the "Upload List".

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