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To upload photos via Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard:

  1. Start "My Computer":

    • If you are using a Windows Classic Start menu, just click on "My Computer" icon on the Desctop.
    • If you are using a new-stiled Start menu (Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server or later), click "Start" and then click on "My Computer".
  2. Find the folder(s) or file(s) to be uploaded and click on them.
  3. Under "File or Folder Tasks" in the left column, click "Publish this folder to the Web". Click "Next" to continue.
    If you do not see the task list, click "Tools" on the top of the window, choose "Folder Options...", check the "Show common tasks in folders" checkbox and click "OK". This should enable the task menu on your left.
  4. When a folder is selected, you have an option to select any files within it by checking the checkboxes next to the corresponding thumbnails. Click "Next" when you have selected all the files you want to upload.
  5. In the "Service providers" window, choose "Fotki.com". Click "Next".
  6. Consider whether you want to create a new album for the photos you are about to upload or to add them to an existing album.
  7. To create a new album, choose the folder, where you want to do it. Type a name, date, description and URL name into the fields provided. Click "Next".
    If you are about to use an existing album, choose the destination album from the Folder Tree.
  8. Choose the preferable size for the photos, then click "Next". If you are about to sell these photos or to order their prints, upload unresized photos. For that purpose, uncheck "Yes, make them all this size" checkbox.

Written on 2004-09-01 08:38:12 and updated on 2005-06-21 11:08:05.