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7.5.11 Spb Imageer for Pocket PC Devices

This program is extremally useful and convenient for those working with images on Pocket PC, especially when they are travelling somewhere far from their places.

Upon finding something very interesting, take pictures of it using your camera, insert a storage card to your Pocket PC with a wireless connection, and tap "Publish to Web". All but instantly your photos are online and you can send the link to your friends by e-mail or SMS.

Spb Imageer has the "Publish to Web" wizard to post your photos to the web at Fotki.com. The wisard will help you to resize your pictures, optimize their brightness and contrast and finally upload them to quickly share with your friends and family.

See a sample album published using Spb Imageer at www.fotki.com

Written on 2004-09-01 09:18:15 and updated on 2004-10-21 05:31:14.