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7.4.10 Viewing Photos

When viewing an album, you see the thumbnails of its photos. Clicking on a thumbnail gives you a full view of the photo represented by the thumbnail. When in full view, you also see the photo's description, its tags, comments and the text area, where you can leave your own comment.

To view the next or previous photo in the album, click on "Next >>" or "<< Previous" on the right top of the photo. Also, it is possible to go to the next photo by clicking directly on the current photo.

If the photo you are viewing has tags, they are seen to the right of the photo. To search for other photos having the same tag, click on it.

While in photo view, you can open the original uploaded photo by clicking on the link under the viewed photo.

When logged in, the Photo Menu of the Member Panel enables you to edit, rotate, flip and delete your photos, as well as to verify them, reload their EXIFs, delete all comments or the original, and to set custom prices (if you are a Premium member).

Also, you can:

  • add new or manade current tags
  • order prints of your own photos at Fotki's standard price by clicking "Order Print" next to them
  • order prints of photos at Fotki's standard price by clicking "Order Print" - if photos' owner allows ordering prints
  • buy print of photos at owner's price by clicking "order" in the "Order Photo" table - if the phtographer sells his/her photos

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