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7.4.9 Deleting Photos

To avoid deleting any photos by mistake, having backup files of most valuable photos is strongly recommended.

To delete your photo(s):

  1. View the album containing the photo(s) to be deleted.
    • To delete a single photo, in the viewing window, click "delete" under the thumbnail of this photo.
    • To simultaneously delete multiple photos, select all of them by clicking in their checkboxes, then click "Delete Selected" in the Album Menu of the Member Panel.
    • To delete all the photos in an album, click "Select All" in the Album Menu of the Member Panel. (Similarly, to unselect all the photos, click "Unselect All".)
  2. After you have clicked "delete"/"Delete Selected", you will get to the Warning screen asking if do you want to continue. To confirm it, click "OK".

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