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7.3.4 Moving a Folder to a Different Location

You can move any folder, as well as several folders at once, anywhere on your account anytime. Also, replacing a folder from "Public Home" to "Private Home" and vice versa is possible.

To move a folder/folders:

  1. In the Folder Tree to the left of the viewing window, find the folder containing the folders (subfolders) to be moved and open it. (If the Folder Tree is not seen, make it visible by clicking on the narrow vertical bar to the left of the viewing window.)
  2. In the viewing window, find the folder(s) to be moved and select it/them by clicking in the checkbox(es) next to its/their thumbnail(s).
  3. In the Folder Menu of the Member Panel, click "Move Selected To...".
  4. In the Folder Tree on the "Please Select a Destination Folder" screen, open on the folder, where you want to move the selected folder(s) to.
    Important! You can neither move a parent folder into its own subfolder, nor can you move a folder to itself. When attempting to do that, you will get an "Error" message.
  5. On the Confirmation screen, confirm if you do want to continue or negate it by clicking either "OK" or "Cancel".
  6. If you chose "OK", you will get to the Confirmation screen, from which you can go to your Home folder, to the destination folder or to the source folder. Click on the link that is right for you.

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