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7.7.4 Sharing a Folder

Sharing a folder with someone allows that person to view the shared folder anytime without visiting your personal Fotki pages.

Important! Before setting sharing, make sure you have at least one Friend in your "Friend List".

To set sharing for a certain folder, go to the "Sharing for Folder" form, which is reachable by two ways:

  1. in the Folder Tree right to the Member Panel, find the folder you are about to share, click first on its icon and then click "Sharing" in the Folder Menu of the Member Panel.
  2. In the viewing window, find the folder you are about to share and click "sharing" in the line beneath it.

In the "Sharing for Folder" form, choose the Friends you like to share this folder with in the list of your Friends and click the checkboxes next to their names. Click "Save" when done.

The shared folder gets a modified icon being displayed with a hand holding it.

Written on 2004-09-03 04:09:13 and updated on 2005-06-21 11:10:02.