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Fotki Public Members' Directory is the list of those Fotki members, who have chosen to be included in it.

Since the entire member list is extremally long, you can substantially reduce it by specifying a search category. Once you do that, you will only see those members, who belong to the category of your interest.

You can browse the Public Members Directory by country, registration date, camera model, interest or by popularity.

Browsing by country brings you to a list of countries, where the number of members living in each country is specified. To open the member list for a particular country, click on the country name and you will find the list of all Fotki members living there.

Browsing by registration date gives you the list of 36 newest Fotki Members.

Browsing by camera model shows you the list of digital camera models and the number of Fotki members using each model. Clicking on the model you are interested in displays the list of the Fotki members using this model.

Browsing by interest gives you opportunity to find Fotki members with similar interests, because every Fotki member can list their interests on the About Me page.

To browse by any of the listed categories:

  1. To get to the Public Members Directory, go to the "Members" page.
  2. In the list of browsing methods, choose "By country", "New Members", "Camera Model" or "By Interest".
  3. If you have chosen search by interest, type a keyword into the field provided.
  4. You will see the search results in the list including thumbnails of all the members matching the chosen category.

You can visit Fotki Pages of any of these members by clicking on their names or thumbnails.

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