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14.1.1 How to Change/Remove an Avatar?

How to select a new avatar?
Click "Browse.." under the current avatar, find a new photo on your computer and click "Upload new photo". If the photo you upload is larger than 120 × 140 pixels, it will be resized.

How to remove an avatar?
Leave the field under your current avatar blank and click "Upload new photo".

Please note!

  1. Your avatar will represent you everywhere around Fotki in your entries and comments. Clicking on it prompts a viewer to your "About Me/About Us" page and helps learn more about you. If no image is uploaded to represent your avatar, a standard head-silhouette icon is seen instead.
  2. Please upload a photo that shows you very special but does not display your very private parts. If your avatar violates Fotki Terms of Service Agreement (for details, please read the"Prohibited Use" and "Prohibited Content" sections), it will be reported by Fotki users and removed from your account without notification.

Written on 2004-09-15 06:11:40 and updated on 2009-03-06 06:57:35.