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Choose who is allowed to read the entry, read its comments, and write comments to it: anybody, Fotki members only, your Fiends only, nobody but you.

It is possible to set privacy preferences separately for each entry, or save them once and use the pattern saved as a default one for all future entries. The settings can be changed every time you create or edit an entry.

To change your privacy settings:

  1. Post or edit a journal entry and scroll down to the bottom of the form.
  2. Choose who can read the entry, and read and write comments to it in the respective fields.
  3. Check the "Save security settings as default" checkbox to save these settings for future use and click "Submit Entry" to apply changes.

You can also change privacy settings for your entire journal by clicking "Edit" under the journal's title.

Written on 2004-10-15 07:08:41 and updated on 2005-03-16 08:16:02.