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20.1.1 Creating an Inquiry

When filling out the "New Inquiry" form, please try to provide as much information as you can. Information about your computer configuration can be very important in solving your problem.

  1. Choose the type of your inquiry in the "Inquiry Type:" field. Choose "General" if you are not sure, to which category it belongs.
  2. Type a brief summary of your inquiry into the "Title:" field, i.e. "Can't log in", "Slide show won't start", "Contest suggestion", etc.
  3. Type a complete description of your problem, your question or suggestion into the "Description:" text area. Please be as specific and detailed as possible so we can help you better and quicker.
  4. Specify, if applicable, your operating system. If the system you use is not on the list, choose "Other".
  5. Specify what kind of connection you use to connect to the Internet, and what browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, etc.) and antivirus software you use in the corresponding fields.
  6. Specify, if applicable, whether you are behind a firewall, and what firewall software you use in the corresponding fields.
  7. Specify the size of your computer's memory (RAM) in megabytes in the field provided.
  8. If you use Java, specify its version by clicking in the "Java Version:" field.
  9. Click "Submit Inquiry" on the bottom of the form when finished. since that moment your inquiry is submitted.
  10. from the confirmation screen you can go back to Customer Service to see your "Inquiry History".

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