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All the albums of your "Public Home" folder, both those open for viewing and password-protected ones, are seen in the Folder Tree, at least if "Show Albums in Folder Tree" preference is not disabled. But even in this case, the icons of both kinds of albums are seen when the folders to which these albums belong are open.

For some reason you may want to make an album fully invisible, as if not existing. Say, you uploaded images but haven't put them in order yet, or you want some album to be known to strictly definite persons, to whom you will send its direct URL.

A hidden album will be only visible:

  • to you - in any view when you are logged in
  • to a visitor, who has opened this album by following the link to it, - but this person will be only able to see this album open and will not find it in the common Folder Tree

You have an option to make any album invisible in listing. By default, this preference is disabled, but you can hide an album from:

  • anybody
  • non-members
  • non-Friends

Written on 2004-12-06 05:29:01 and updated on 2005-06-21 11:17:00.