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7.5.6 Fotki Upload Bookmarklet Fetcher

Fotki Upload Bookmarklet Fetcher is for quick and easy fetching images from the Internet to Fotki albums.

Say, your relatives placed photos you are interested in somewhere on the web; and you want to have some of them in your Fotki albums. Or, a dozen of your friends came to your birthday party with their digital cameras - why not to create a common album with the photos they made?

With Fotki Upload Bookmarklet Fetcher, no need first to save the desired images on your hard drive and only then to upload them to albums. You don't need to know images' URLs: you can fetch at once what you see.

Important! Fotki Bookmarklet Fetcher was developed for Mozilla, Firefox and Opera browsers. Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported yet.

Written on 2005-05-13 07:12:42 and updated on 2005-05-20 10:45:34.