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If you have photos in your Fotki account, you can always share them. Here are some examples of sharing:
a) Sending a photo's URL to your friends via email or instant messenger.
b) Posting the link to a photo in your journal, on a forum, message board or any other website so that people who visit that site can click on the link and view the photo.
c) Posting an actual photo in a journal, on a forum, message board or any other website (this is only possible if the photo's owner is a Premium member).

All the information you may possibly need to share a photo (URLs, HTML tags, forum and journal codes) is available in one place. When you view any of your photos, you will notice a link under the photo saying "Share Photo". Click on it to see information on how and where you can share this photo.

You can make this information available to other people which will make it possible for them to share your photos as well.

Go to "My Account" -> Settings -> Albums (Change) -> Sharing photos allowed for (choose an option) -> Save Changes. If you choose "Anybody", the information for sharing will be available to any person who comes to your site, member or non-member. If you select "Fotki members only", this information will be visible only to logged in Fotki members. If "My Fotki Friends only" is selected, the sharing information will be available only to Fotki members who are currently listed as your Friends. And finally, if you choose "Myself only", the sharing info will be visible only to you and only when you are logged in. After you click "Save Changes", the new settings will apply by default to all your Fotki albums.

If you wish to apply different settings (other than default) to some of your albums, you can control each album individually. View the album, then click "Album Properties" under Album Menu on your left -> Advanced Properties show/hide -> Sharing photos allowed for -> Save Changes.

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