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13.2.1 Profile Types

Depending on the profile type, the profile sections differ in number and details:

  • Personal (the most detailed): General Information, Contact Information, My Cities, Background & Lifestyle, Interests & Personality
  • Family: General Information, Our Cities, Background & Lifestyle, Members
  • Couple: General Information, Our Cities, Background & Lifestyle
  • Group: General Information, Contact Information, Our Location
  • Animal: General Information, Contact Information, My Cities
  • Organization: General Information, Contact Information, Our Location

General Information:

  • specify your
    • First name and Last name. They are not shown on the About Me page, and can be useful when someone searches for you by name.
    • DisplayName to represent you everywhere on Fotki. There are no rules as to what your DisplayName must look like; you can use spaces and special characters in it if you want. It does not have to be the same as your UserName.
    • Gender
    • Date of birth (only your age will be shown on the About Me page)
    • Tags you select to characterize yourself
    • Languages spoken
  • let the others know what you are interested in on Fotki (I'm/We are here for:) by checking the appropriate checkboxes (Photo sharing, Networking, Friends, Dating, Serious relationships)
  • write anything you want to tell about yourself in the About me/About us description, which will be seen on your About Me page next to your avatar
  • check or leave unchecked the Show my/our "Friends" list and Show my/our "Friend Of" list checkboxes.

Contact Information: give your email, personal website URL, and AOL IM, Yahoo! ID, ICQ UIN, MSN username, Google Talk, Skype, Jabber ID, QQ and Gadu-Gadu usernames or numbers if you use any of those services so that other Fotki members can contact you.

My Cities: specify your current location, hometown, birthplace and other places you lived in.

Background & Lifestyle: select the appropriate lines from the drop-down lists for Marital status, Sexual orientation, Smoking, Drinking, Children, Education, Ethnicity, Origin, Body type, Height, Income and Religion.

Interests & Personality: tell about your interests and favorite sports, music, movies, TV programs, heroes and books. Many of your fellow Fotki members might have the same interests as you. Telling people of your hobbies will help you find friends on Fotki.

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