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14.3 Account Information for Free Account

This section includes:

  1. Account type: Free.
  2. Standard photo space limit: 70 MB.
  3. Current photo space limit: It shows your storage space available. Each 30 days you can request the additional storage space (50 MB). To do that click on the request link when it is active.
  4. Free photo space left.
  5. Your Username (login).
  6. Your main email address: This address will be used by Fotki to contact you.

Through Account Information section you can:

  1. Upgrade your account: Free Account comes with basic Fotki features and limited storage. You can upgrade your free account to Premium at any time. Account upgrading is made upon payment, which is done by paying an annual membership fee. You can upgrade your account for more than one year. In this case the annual membership will cost you less. You get:
    • Unlimited photo storage
    • No ads for you and for anybody visiting your pages
    • Exclusive My Fotki page--a summary of your visitors and their activities--available only to you
    • Detailed My Guests page with editing capability not available to free users
    • Unlimited capabilities to customize the look and feel of your albums
    • Ability to password protect your albums
    • Ability to sell photo prints by your own prices using the Selling feature
  2. Change your main email
  3. Change password
  4. Close account

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