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14.2 Account Information for Premium Account

This section includes:

  1. Your account type: Premium.
  2. Your Premium membership expiration date: When your Premium membership is about to expire, you will get a notification letter, which reminds you to renew your Premium account. But you can do it any time you wish.
  3. Storage space limit: with Premium membership you have unlimited storage space.
  4. Photo space used.
  5. Your Username (login).
  6. Your main email address: This address will be used by Fotki to contact you.

Through Account Information section you can:

  1. Renew your account: Account renewal is effected upon payment, which is done by paying the annual membership fee. You can renew your account for more then one year. In this case the annual membership will cost you less. If no payment is made in due time, your Premium account will be blocked.
  2. Change your main email address and add new ones
  3. Change password
  4. Close account

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