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8. Co-Branding

With co-branding, you have the ability:

  • to create, customize and maintain your own web site with Fotki so that it will be your homepage with no elements of Fotki's design
  • to apply your own design to your Fotki account with the purpose to tightly and seamlessly integrate any of your Fotki pages into another site of your own with its own logo, design and color scheme. This provides a facade for you and your visitors to transparently move between your albums and the rest of your site.

This is particularly useful when you have your own personal or business website. Your albums will be hosted on our web servers but the pages will appear to be an integral part of your website. However, even if you have no any other site, you can change your Fotki pages look and feel just for fun.

Important! Our co-branding feature is only available to Premium Fotki Members.

To encourage even those Fotki members not knowing HTML to have more fun when using Fotki, our co-branding feature suggests ready-to-use skins.

Fotki members, who are skinning their co-branded pages, are welcome to send us their own versions to be both displayed and put into the common style list. Each skin added to the list will bear its developer's name.

If you have any questions or face some difficulties at any stage of co-branding, feel free to contact us for help. Also, get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your specific co-branding problems.

Written on 2003-09-04 18:40:58 and updated on 2006-07-19 09:39:01.