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23. Fotki Premium Membership Annual Fee

Fotki Offers Premium and Free accounts

Free Account comes with basic Fotki features and limited storage. Premium Account comes with UNLIMITED storage and advanced features and tools. Fotki Premium membership regular fee starts from as low as $2 per month ($27 per year with 3-years subscription) - that's less than 10 cents a day!. Join us for FREE or subscribe for Fotki Premium for less than 10 cents a day!

When registering, a new Fotki member gets a two-week-long free Trial Premium membership to get the experience of using the advanced Premium features. When the trial period is about to expire, a user can purchase Fotki Premium membership or continue as a free user. If a user chooses to start using free account, no payment is needed. His/her Trial account will automatically downgrade to Free one.

Written on 2005-03-01 12:02:57 and updated on 2009-09-23 08:28:47.