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7.4.12 Using Your Photos on Other Websites

Photos stored on Fotki can be used on other websites, such as online forums, auctions, weblogs, etc. This feature is called 'external linking' and is only available to Fotki Premium members.

To use a photo placed on your Fotki account on another website, insert the HTML tag given below:
<img src=Photo's URL>
into the HTML code of the destination site.

The full photo's URL for external use is given in the line "Image URL for use on external servers:" under the photo's title beneath the photo. Copy the full address there and paste it into the HTML tag to replace "Photo's URL", and people visiting that website will see your photo instead of that tag.

Written on 2004-09-02 04:10:54 and updated on 2005-03-11 01:58:32.