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5.4 Account Types: Premium Membership

Fotki Offers Premium and Business accounts

Premium Account comes with flexible storage options and advanced features and tools. Fotki Premium membership regular fee starts as low as $1.53 per month (if you purchase 5-year - subscription for $92) or which comes out around 5 cents a day!

Photo storage space130GB, 400GB, 1.3TB, 3TB
Photo selling
Ability to upload photos via FTP
Ability to control download of originals
My Fotki Page
My Guests PageDetailed
Album and folder protection
Look and feel customizationAll available
Affiliate Program

Benefits OF PREMIUM Fotki Account

  • No ads. No advertising on your Fotki account for you and your visitors.
  • Unlimited photo storage space. Upload any number of photos of any size and at any time.
  • Photo selling. Turn Fotki into your professional business area managed through the web browser.
  • Co-branding. Create your own website with Fotki or seamlessly integrate any of your Fotki pages with other website(s) of your own.
  • Ability to upload photos via FTP. Use any FTP Client.
  • Ability to control download of originals. You set who is allowed to download your originals.
  • My Fotki Page. My Fotki page has the following sections: Most visited albums, Recent comments on photos, Last added videos, Recent guest book messages, Recent Guests, I've recently added... and I was recently added by... Friends lists.
  • Advanced My Guests Page. You can view full visit cards of all logged-in visitors of your pages and you are able to remove the visit cards of unwanted guests.
  • Album and folder protection. You are able to protect your albums and folders with passwords.
  • Look and feel customization. You can select any of color schemes and skins available; the color schemes are fully customizable.
  • Affiliate Program. Join Fotki Affiliate Program to earn money by referring your friends to Fotki site.
  • Permissions. You can set permissions for your Fotki friends to create new albums in YOUR Fotki account and to upload photos directly into your albums.
  • Pin code. You can further protect your images from accidental deletion by setting up a pin code for image removal.
  • Watermarking. You can easily put protective watermarks onto your images directly through your album settings.
  • Fotki Feed. Conveniently track your Fotki friends' latest photo updates on one page. A super cool feature letting you stay in touch with your world of friends! : )

Free Trial Premium Account

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to get a 30-days-long free Trial Premium to get the experience of using the advanced Premium features. When the trial period is about to expire, a user can purchase Fotki Premium membership to continue using the service.

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