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9. Selling Photo Prints

Fotki users with "Business" membership can sell prints of own photos at custom prices.

As a seller you:

  • set your own prices for your photos
  • assign print formats and finish types available to customers
  • have your own Shopping Cart, to which orders are directed

Once you have uploaded your photos to Fotki and set their prices, Fotki:

  • takes care of all online credit-card transactions
  • processes and prints customers' orders
  • delivers the prints to the recipients
  • and, to top it all, keeps only a 15-percent commission fee

The 15% commission fee applies after the printing cost is subtracted from the price you set. For example, if your price is $1.00 and the standard price is 9c, your customer pays $1.00 instead of 9c he would normally pay. Thus, the extra 91c he overpays is your net revenue which is subject to the commission fee. In this case, the commission fee will be 13.65c and the rest 77.35c is yours to keep. The shipping cost and local taxes (if applicable) are not taken into consideration; they are entirely your customer's responsibility.

No extra charge for storing your photos at Fotki is needed: as a Business member you have 1TB of storage space. The revenue from sold photos is paid through PayPal, WebMoney or bank transfer. If you are a Trial Fotki member, first upgrade your account to "Business" membership.

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