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7.7.2 "Private Home" vs "Public Home"

There are two main folders on the "Photo Albums" page of your Fotki account: "Public Home" folder and "Private Home" folder. Both can contain any number of (sub)folders and albums. It is your choice whether some folder or album should be in the "Public Home" or in the "Private Home" folder.

You can place a folder or an album into either "Public Home" or "Private Home" when creating it and you can move any existing album and folder between private and public sections of your account when necessary.

The key distinction of the Private Home is that its folders and albums can be visible only to you and if only you are logged in. You can view them by clicking on the "Private Home" link in the Folder Tree next to the Member Panel. When not logged in to your own Fotki account or when visiting someone else's Fotki pages, you won't even see the "Private Home" link.

As for the Public Home folders and albums, there exist a few options:

  • When creating your account with Fotki, you choose between public and private access to all of your public albums.
  • You can change the above settings through the "Privacy" section of your "My Account" page at any time.
  • You can protect separate folders and albums with various passwords.
  • You can hide separate albums from certain kinds of viewers.

If public access to the albums and folders of your "Public Home" folder is allowed and they are not password-protected, they are available for viewing:

  • through your "Public Home" URL address http://public.fotki.com/YourUserName - to anyone who knows your username
  • through the Fotki search engine - to those searching by a particular topic of interest in the following categories: members (display names), albums, photos, folders, comments or guest books
  • through other search engines (Google, AltaVista, etc.)
  • through the Fotki Member Directory, Fotki Top 100 List and Fotki Random Photo Page

To make any folder or album of your "Public Home" folder available to no one but the people you choose, you have to use passwords. Only those to whom you give your URL and album/folder password can access a password-protected item.

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