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14.4.3 Appearance

You can customize the look and feel of your personal Fotki pages in the "Appearance" section. You can:

  • Select one of the custom color schemes (each scheme is developed in a certain color gamut: Plum, Grey, Green, Orange) and apply it as it is or modify it through the "Custom Color Scheme" form
  • Modify the default color scheme through the "Custom Color Scheme"
  • Select a ready-to-use skin you like
  • Create your own color scheme using any of the customizable color schemes as a template.

Important! This feature is only available to Premium Fotki Members. For free Fotki accounts only the first five schemes are available and their customization is disabled.

Written on 2004-10-27 07:01:31 and updated on 2009-03-10 09:28:13.