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14.4.1 Privacy Options

In the "Privacy Options" section, you can set security level for your "Public Home". (Important: Your "Private Home" cannot be affected.)

Fotki search engine: If you enable Fotki search engine, Fotki users will be able to search for you by your Display Name, and for your photos, albums, folders, photo comments and guest book by keywords.

Other search engines: This option allows/prevents from indexing your public albums by search engines (Google, AltaVista, etc.). Because of the way search engines work, changing this option does not affect their search results immediately and depends on a particular search engine.

Include me in Fotki ratings: If you allow it, you will be seen in the lists of Fotki members generated by various categories (country, date registered, camera model, etc.) and in the list of 100 most active and most visited members.

Show me in the Random Photos: Random photos from your public albums (new and updated ones) can be shown on the Fotki Community Page.

Visitors' IP logging: If set to "Yes", saves IP addresses of your visitors when they add comments or post entries anywhere on your account. IP-logging notification will be displayed to a visitor when he adds comments or posts entries.

Show me in Guest Lists: This option simultaneously makes you visible/invisible in others' guest lists and enables/disables your own My Guests/Our Guests page.

To change (disable/enable) the above settings:

  1. Make sure you are logged in and go to "My Account/Our Account" page.
  2. In the "Settings" section, find "Privacy Options" and click "Change" opposite to it.
  3. Choose between "Yes" (enable) or "No" (disable) for each option and save changes when finished.

Enable "Contact Me" page: You can select, who is allowed to send you messages through your Contact Me/contact Us page: anybody, only Fotki members, only those from your Friendlist, or completely disable this page.

Written on 2004-09-14 09:09:29 and updated on 2009-03-10 09:24:12.