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5. Signing Up for Fotki Account

To create an account with Fotki:

  1. Click the "Free Signup" button
  2. Select your UserName. Only numbers, Latin characters and dash sign "-" can be used for the username. If the username you've entered is taken already, the program will ask you to enter another one.
  3. Create your password, which must be at least 4 symbols.
  4. Repeat the password.
  5. Enter your email. It must be valid, otherwise we would not be able to help you if forget your UserName or password.
  6. Select your hometown. The program automatically detects your country, but you may select any location you want.
  7. Enter the validation code.
  8. Read Fotki Terms of Service Agreement and agree with it by marking the check box.
  9. And finally press the "Sign Up!" button.

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