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19.1 Members' Testimonials

Fotki receives hundreds of testimonials (short messages of appreciation) from its satisfied members every day. Some of them are published on our site.

To read the testimonials submitted to Fotki, go to the "About Fotki" page and then to the Member Testimonials screen.

You will find there all the testimonials published on the site. Click any page number either on the top or on the bottom of the screen to see the entries that didn't fit on the current page. Click on the name or on the thumbnail of a member to see his/her Public Home page.

If you like your photo sharing experience on Fotki, why not tell others about it? To write your own testimonial on Fotki:

  1. go to the "About Fotki" page and then to the "Member Testimonials" page.
  2. Click "[ Submit your testimonial ]" or go to the page bottom to find the "Submit a New Testimonial" form.
  3. Type your username into the "Fotki Login:" field and write your testimonial in the "Testimonial:" text area. Click the "Send" button when finished.

Please, keep in mind that by submitting this form you automatically authorize Fotki to use and edit your testimonial.

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