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7.5 Uploading Photos

Fotki recognizes and accepts the following image file formats: JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg), PNG (*.png), PSD (*.psd), BMP (*.bmp), GIF (*.gif) and TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff). Other formats are not (yet) supported.

Before uploading photos, make sure that you have previously created at least one album in your Fotki account.

To upload photos:

  1. Open the folder containing the album, where you want to add photos to.
    • In the album-thumbnail view, click "add photos" next to the thumbnail of this album.
    • To view the album previously, click either "view album" next to its thumbnail or the thumbnail itself. Then, in the Album Menu of the Member Panel on the left, click "Add Photo(s)".
  2. Choose the uploading method that is right for you. For the specific instructions follow the links. Step-by-step description of uploading photos using different methods is given below.

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