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1. Why Choose Fotki?

Why more and more people come to Fotki? Why among hundreds of photo-sharing websites, each having its own community, more and more users join Fotki every day? What not only marks Fotki out of the ordinary but also makes it distinguishable in every aspect?

Having been around since 1998, Fotki is now a famous photo portal powerful both in technological innovation and in sheer number of photo it stores. For more than a decade Fotki has been offering a wide variety of extremely advanced and sophisticated photoproducts, tools and services to its members, and no wonder its community is constantly growing. Besides, the company is one of the most experienced at this market and has a steady business model. With such a background, we are optimistic about the perspectives, full of energy and new ideas and welcome new participants.

All of our servers are located in a state-of-the-art data center protected from floods, heat and electric outages. This guarantees your data to be safe with us. And we are here to stay for long!

The simplest and most user-friendly interface we have, and advanced and at the same time simple tools we offer are the first to attract users of any level.

Fotki's photo uploading tools allow easy uploading pictures from all mainstream operating systems using almost any browser. Java, ActiveX, Pocket PC, FTP, and integration with Web Publishing Wizard for Windows XP - we support them all. Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux users are all welcome here.

As for organizing photos, you will be pleased with the way you can rule over any their number - just the way you want. It is possible to rotate and flip photos and decorate them with borders, to assign titles and descriptions to pictures and albums. Even when hundreds of photos are put into hundreds of albums in the subfolders inside the folders (just the same way as on your computer), a tree of the structure you create does not take much room on the screen and makes navigation pretty easy.

Neither number of folder and subfolder levels nor the space you can take is limited. Your friends and relatives will be impressed with neat and elegant look of your photos and easiness of finding the desired ones, no matter how huge your collection is.

With Fotki, photo sharing is convenient and safe. You may choose between different levels of protection and sharing.

The photos of your Private Home are visible to you only. To make any album or folder of your Public Home available to no one but the people you choose you may use various passwords. Only those to whom you give your URL and corresponding password can access a password-protected item. On the contrary, to make so that even those who don't know you could find your pictures among their unimaginable multitude at Fotki when searching for a specific subject or theme, you may mark your photos, albums and folders with keywords.

At Fotki you are the site master. The co-branding makes it possible to apply your own design to your Fotki account to change its look and feel or to seamlessly integrate your Fotki albums with other website(s) of your own. No programming skills are required, just some basic HTML knowledge will do. And if you don't know HTML, we are always here to help you.

Fotki is your photo lab, too. We apply a state-of-the-art photo-printing technology and the most advanced photo equipment. In USA, our printing lab uses Fujicolor archival paper of the highest quality (it keeps the image bright and crisp for at least fifty years) and Fujifilm professional chemicals. We guarantee outstanding quality and your complete satisfaction.

Our print-ordering system is the next summit we have been successfully conquering. You can order prints of any photos you see (of course, if their owner doesn't object); you don't even have to be a member. It is possible to crop pictures before ordering and preview what they look like after cropping. Glossy or matte finish types are available for each size and each photo in the cart. "Global Update" function is for modifying your entire order however large it could be. Finally, adding a whole folder to your shopping cart takes just two mouse-clicks!

And, to top it all, we have the most affordable prices you can find on today's market!

To make ordering prints easy and convenient, we implemented the "Shopping Cart", an advanced tool, which allows customizing orders to complete satisfaction. With your own account you will be able to track your order and save shipping addresses and credit card info for future use. Information you submit is encrypted via SSL protocol to ensure total secrecy. Creating an account with us is easy and quick. Why not try?

At Fotki you may speak out. Each Fotki member has a Guest Book for visitors to leave messages. Also, it is possible to communicate by commenting photos. You may voice your opinion, feelings and ideas about photos by other Fotki members and vice versa. If you don't want someone to comment your photos or to leave messages in your guest book, disabling those functions or limiting their use to certain groups of people is literally at your fingertips.

Next Fotki's zest is possibility of keeping online journals. Among numerous websites hosting such "blogs", as they are often called, even those requiring purchasing membership, sadly, offer no photo services. Fotki has all the cool stuff in one package.

At Fotki one can receive publicity and get recognized throughout (and beyond) the community by participating in photo contests that we usually hold once a week. Winners get prizes and fame. Don't miss your chance to compete and win! To begin with you may browse the old contests to see the winning works as well as vote for other people's submissions.

And the last but not least, we have a reliable customer service and have been developing an up-to-date help system for you to get help on any topic. Our online Customer Service allows creating inquiries and we respond in timely manner. We also provide help via instant messenger or email.

To sum up, Fotki is the right place for both amateurs and professionals to realize any creative idea and even to earn money. If you practice photography to earn your living, Fotki provides you with possibility to sell your photos at your prices. You can literally make money while having a little rest between two shots - we'll take care of your customers' orders and do it for a small 15-percent commission fee, while you keep the rest. And no extra charge for storing photos: a Premium member has unlimited storage space.

Next? Yes, we are doing our best to progress!

Written on 2003-10-02 18:05:05 and updated on 2009-03-04 08:37:47.